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Stress Proof Fundamentals of Project Management

Objective - This course provides Project Management Institute (PMI) concepts and proven practical application
of successful projects as they progress through the initiation, planning, execution, controlling, and close out of
projects. Topics will include scheduling, resources, budgets and communications.


This class will provide real life examples and exercises to:
  • Provide an understanding of the project life cycle and associated concepts including the steps for
    effective project planning and implementation.
  • Identify the role and duties of a project manager and the skills needed to successfully manage projects.
    We will also discuss leadership and credibility and the implications for any project.
  • Explain the importance of effective interpersonal skills, communication, listening, project meetings,
    presentations and reports.
  • How to minimize chaos on a project and to determine what activities must be done in order to complete a project, as well as who will be accountable, and in what order the activities will be carried out.
  • Provide realistic estimates for the duration of project activities and develop a detailed project schedule that states when each activity should start and finish.
  • Describe how project progress is controlled and evaluated, as well as how project schedules can be re-
    planned and updated if necessary.
  • Explain the incorporation of resource requirements and constraints into the project plan and schedule.
  • Estimate project costs, develop a project budget, analyze project cost performance, and forecast total
    costs at project completion.

Learning Outcome: Participants will learn the fundamentals of real life projects, effective project management
and how to provide project on time and within budget while minimizing the stress associated with team
members, budgets and deadlines.

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