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Project Management Problem Solving

Objective - This course provides methodologies; tools, processes and procedures that can be utilized for
management of large scope projects. Even the most experienced project managers encounter problems when
managing and controlling projects that can slow down the completion. This course provides experienced
Project Managers with ways to anticipate, avoid, and resolve project problems. The materials includes
numerous Project Management concepts including resources management, critical path and project completion.


  • Basic rules of Project Management
  • Why projects fail
  • Roles of the Project Manager
  • Risk analysis and management of projects
  • PMI areas of expertise
  • Leadership Roles of a Project Manager
  • Group project development exercise

Learning Outcome: Participants will learn how to evaluate the impact of risk analysis and failure upon their
project. The group project will reinforce information from other project management classes


  • Types of resources
  • Human and capital resource management
  • Resource identification and utilization
  • Missed due dates
  • How to deal with impossible schedules and deadlines
  • Adjusting a schedule to meet a forced deadline
  • Resource leveling
  • Forced deadline group exercise

Learning Outcome: Participants will develop skills in meeting deadlines and how milestones and a schedule are
used in order to keep a project on track. Emphasis is placed on meeting deadlines while still being budget
guidelines. Determining how scope creep can slow down the project processes and completion.


  • Internal and External customers
  • Identification of customer needs and how it affects scope creep
  • Negotiations with customers
  • The customer centered organization
  • Customer Service and analysis of your company
  • Gantt Charts, Pert Charts, Resource sheets and Task Usage Charts
  • How Microsoft Office provides accountability for team members
  • Time allocation group exercise

Learning Outcome: Participants will learn how effective customer service can have a positive impact upon the project and team members. Accountability and control of the project will be emphasized as the team members learn how Project Management software can be used a useful management tool.


  • Critical path and success factors
  • Leadership style and skills
  • Managing changes
  • Effective team meetings
  • Project completion
  • Participant surveys
  • Post project reviews
  • Setting a foundation for future projects

Learning Outcome: Participants will develop skills in effective time management and planning while determining
how deliverables and milestones can have a major impact upon the success of a project. Quality management,
effective resource allocation and risk analysis are also determining factors that will be discussed.

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